Planning Committee

Planning Committee

Forthcoming Planning Committee meetings are advertised on the Notice Boards and on this website

 (see Agenda For next Meeting).  Anyone wishing to comment on a planning application may do so at the Parish Planning Committee meeting.  Written representations can also be made to Sible Hedingham Parish Council, or to Braintree District Council, including via the BDC Planning Portal, but the Parish Council would appreciate a copy of any comments sent to Braintree.

To view current planning applications online please click on the link below:

BDC Planning Portal

To view Planning Committee minutes please click on the link below :

Planning Committee Minutes

New builds, extensions. conservatories, loft conversions etc. are all subject to Planning Control.  Anybody intending to build, extend, or alter a property must submit plans to Braintree District Council for approval.  The plans will be sent to the relevant Parish who will be invited to make comments.  At this point, Sible Hedingham Parish Council Planning Committee will assess the application and, if necessary, consult with the applicant and any other interested parties such as neighbours, and will frequently make a site visit.      
        The Parish Council will relay its comments to the District Council, but at the moment the Parish has no decision-making powers of its own, neither is the District Council obliged to follow advice given by the Parish.  Planning Committee meetings are open to the public and representations will be taken into consideration when making recommendations to Braintree District Council.