Agenda for the next  Parish Council Meeting to be held in the Village Hall, Parkfields, Sible Hedingham (or the last agenda if the next meeting is more than a week away).  click here for agenda

 The Parish Council has produced an Action Plan. Click here for details


Sible Hedingham Parish Council meets in the Village Hall on the second Monday of every month; members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings and there is a Public Forum time at every Meeting during which members of the public can ask questions and voice their opinions and concerns. All Meetings are advertised on the Parish Council Office noticeboard and others around the village.


A Parish Council is the first tier of local government. The number of Councillors depends on the size of the Parish - in Sible Hedingham we have 13 councillors. Councillors are elected every 4 years in May. If a Councillor resigns mid-term, there could be another election for a replacement or the Council will advertise the vacancy and co-opt from the available applicants. 


The leader of the Parish Council is the Chairman, who is elected every year by the Parish Councillors. Our current Chairman is Mrs G Jefferson. 

The office is open to the public between 9am and 2pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We would, however advise that you telephone first as the Clerk (Mrs G McCoyd) does sometimes have to be away from the office on other Parish duties. The phone number is 01787 462568.



 Parish Office


The Parish Council also appoints a number of committees to look after specific areas such as Planning, Finance,and Recreation & Amenities



The Parish Council raises money through a portion of the Council Tax known as the Precept and uses it to provide services such as maintenance of open spaces and footpaths, grass-cutting, some street lighting, litter clearance, public toilets, bus shelters etc.