Committees & Advisory Groups
Sible Hedingham Parish Council has the following Committees and Advisory Groups:

Committees have a Chairman, Advisory Groups have a Spokesperson. Committees have some delegated powers to make decisions on behalf of the whole council, Advisory Groups make recommendations for approval by the whole council.
The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council are members of every committee  and advisory group by virtue of their office (ex officio).

Planning                                                                             Terms of reference

Membership: All Councillors



Recreation & Amenities                                                      Terms of Reference

Membership: All Councillors

 Recreation Ground Bye-laws



Funding and Finance                                                         Terms of Reference

Membership: All Councillors

 Footpaths & Rights of Way:

Membership:  Norman Edwards*, Owen Hawkes*, Hylton Johnson, Andrew Putnam*, Christine Cannell*, Gillian Jefferson, Bev Gardener, Barry Young, Tricia Volkwyn


Emergency Planning 

Membership:  G Jefferson, S Metson, J Fennelly, L Heywood, T Nash



Water Management:
Membership: Tony Law


Membership: All Councillors
* co-pted members of the public.

In addition to our own committees, Parish Councillors represent Sible Hedingham on the following outside bodies:
Essex Association of Local Councils:  B Gardener
Braintree Association of Local Councils: B Young

ECC Parish Public Transport: T Nash




District Councillor Hylton Johnson acts as Tree Warden for the village.