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Sible Hedingham lies in the Northern corner of Essex, close to both the Suffolk and Cambridgeshire borders.    The village covers some 2123 hectares (5248) acres and has around 1700 dwellings with a population of 4000.  In terms of area it is the second largest village in Essex.  The majority of people live within a few hundred yards of the main A1017 road which includes Queen St, Potter St, Swan St and Yeldham Road.  The remainder of the village consists of a number of outlying Greens and Hamlets.    Sible Hedingham has primary and secondary schools, a public library, doctors’ practice, public house and Post Office.  The village centre includes a range of shops, including food stores, pharmacy, bakery, butcher, hardware store, filling stations, hairdressers and funeral directors.  There is also a fire station and telephone exchange.   The Parish Church has a burial ground and the Parish Council maintains a separate Garden of Remembrance.  There are also two Baptist churches.   There are a number of meeting places in the village including the Village HallBaptist Church Hall and the Social Club (The Hedingham) 

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75 Swan Street
Sible Hedingham

Telephone: 01787 462568